Diversity & Inclusion: Strategy or lip service?

A lot of people misunderstand or underestimate diversity and inclusion.

If implemented with thought and strategy, it is an asset to your business, ensuring you have a range of experience, opinions and feedback instead of existing in an ‘echo chamber’. It is the basis of strong and empathetic leadership and well-functioning (and therefore profitable) organisations.

D&I is NOT a quota, a policy, or a buzzword, so don’t treat it that way. Instead, review how you view D&I.

Consider the following steps for your business:

1. Define and understand what exactly D&I means to you.

2. Understand the value of D&I and the benefits it can offer to you and your employees – both personally and professionally.

3. Create an environment where D&I is part of your values and culture.
4. Assess your leadership team. A diverse and inclusive organisation starts with its leadership.
5. Get commitment from key people in your business.

6. Create listening and planning groups to develop and implement strategies.

7. Develop and encourage courageous conversations across your business.

8. Implement strategies through your human resource activity including your organisational practices, talent development strategies, and employee engagement initiatives.

9. Regularly monitor and ask for feedback.

Use D&I to your advantage.

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