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Specialist senior executive recruitment for boards, c-suite, senior executives, directors, and leaders. Comprehensive confidential, high level search, recruitment, and executive placement.

Reach the talent that will accelerate your business performance. Avoid business immobilization. Remove the complexity in the executive hiring process.

Project briefing

Our focus is to attract, recruit, and retain only the highest quality executive talent into your business to inspire your people, strengthen your business performance, and accelerate your growth. This detailed approach will safeguard your business. We will not waste your time with the wrong candidates, only the high-quality executive talent that you want.

Understand the details of the executive job

During our project briefing you will be asked detailed questions about the job to understand the specific responsibilities and expected outcomes. We will deep dive into the company, the executive leadership, and how this new role will contribute to the success of the business.

This detailed information will be used by Hunton Executive to select and assess the highest quality talent for your business.

Deeper understanding through regular meetings

We will organise to meet with you and the team surrounding this leadership position regularly. By having informal and formal meetings we will have a deeper understanding of you and the characterisation of your business. The insights we gather from these meetings are invaluable. A thorough understanding you your culture elevates our ability to optimally represent you in the market.

Eliminate the selection of poor leadership. Remove the complexity in the executive hiring process. Uncover the potential of extraordinary leadership.

Search and selection process

This is a meticulous process involving mapping, sourcing, and qualifying potential candidates. To assess their suitability Hunton Executive conduct assessments, background checks, and interviews with selected candidates. We provide you with a shortlist of suitably qualified candidates that meet your key criteria, are motivated to deliver results, complement your culture, and enhance your brand.

Interviews and Assessments

The interview stages are critical to your decision making. You will interview your selected candidates and involve key decision makers across your business. When you have all the information from the assessments, interviews, and back-ground checks you will be able to make your final decision and construct an attractive offer to your new employee.

Be confident in your hiring decision.
Futureproof your business by hiring the highest quality executive talent.

Verification and background checks

The verification of background checks is part of the executive recruitment process to provide additional perspectives, deeper levels of insight, and information that enhances the decision-making process. Completing these checks gives employers confidence and certainty in their decision making.

The value of a 360-degree reference check

360-degree reference checks give you an alternative perspective to your decision making. With this information you can understand patterns in behaviour, gaps in capabilities and provide a solid understanding of the candidate’s character and personality. All information, together with the information from the assessments and interviews, provides a well-rounded, multi-layered analysis of a candidate of which you can make a well-informed decision.

Successfully transition for immediate impact. Avoid business complacency. Minimise business disruption.

Onboarding process

We will help you prepare for the successful onboarding of your new employee. A well-executed onboarding process strengthens the employer and employee relationship; accelerates results being delivered; and confirms the right hiring decision was made.

Engagement during the onboarding is critical to the success and retention of your new executive.

Minimise business disruption. Safeguard employee engagement. Alleviate management stress.

Outplacement services

To prepare for the future you may need to scale your business. In doing so tough decisions will need to be made regarding the planning of your workforce. At Hunton Executive, we understand the enormity of the challenge when scaling your business and how these changes the lives of your employees.

At Hunton Executive, we offer personalised support to your outplaced executive employees giving them the tools and resources to successfully find new leadership employment.

Create effective talent management strategies. Avoid workforce complacency. Enrich workforce optimization.

Workforce Management Consulting

To transform your business successfully from good to extraordinary you need the right talent, doing the right job, for the right outcome. We understand the impact this transformation can have on your business. Hunton Executive’s Workforce Management Consulting supports your business through the transformation by fully optimising your workforce based on your strategic plan.