Employer Talent Management Online Course

Hiring manager training for leaders that will transform your workforce and your business performance

People are the biggest asset any leader has. That’s why it’s important to understand how to build high-performing teams from the ground up. With our hiring manager training for leaders, you’ll be empowered to leverage your approach to HR to level-up your people and your organization.

Planning your workforce for your business lifecycle, not just your next job vacancy

Whether you’re looking to start up or scale up your business, good leaders need to how to use their recruitment and talent management frameworks to achieve success. Through our Employer Talent Management Online Course, we help you get back to the basics of attracting, hiring, and retaining good staff to build high-performing teams. It’s like hiring manager training but for leaders, because managing your workforce is too important to be left just to HR.

Our Employer Talent Management Online Course is an investment in your organization’s future, teaching you the essential tools and techniques to build a strong and sustainable business. 

Simplify and scale your talent management, take control and confidently transform your workforce to achieve your business goals in just 90 days.

When you complete this course, you will learn how to improve your talent management and recruitment strategies to build an enviable workforce and your reputation as an employer of choice. We’ll help you to plan and navigate your recruitment and talent framework to build a highly skilled and competitive workforce that will deliver accelerated performance and stronger results to achieve your business goal.

Saving you time on impractical processes and saving you money on recruitment fees and bad hiring decisions, it’s a cost-effective alternative to expensive private consultants, coaches, agencies and search firms.

Who this course is for

We have created this online course to help leaders in start up and scale up businesses take control of their workforce to achieve their business goals.


This course is for you if you are:

an aspiring employer

new to hiring who wants all of the step-by-step strategies, proven templates, and resources on their terms with on-demand videos so they can learn at their own pace.

a proactive employer

and human resource professional who thinks ahead and wants to plan their recruitment and talent framework in advance, so they never have to be in a position where they are not prepared.

an employer

looking to strategically develop a competitive workforce to pivot and grow their business.

an employer

who is going through a business transition and needs practical advice, at a price they can afford, after a business pivot or restructure.

What you’ll learn

We offer a comprehensive online course to help employers who want to improve their workforce capabilities and have struggled in some way to attract, recruit, and retain the talent that accelerates their business performance.

  • Create a competitive workforce.
  • Create compelling attraction strategies to reach and engage the right talent.
  • Plan for your recruitment process with precision to select the right talent for the right job
  • Succeed in the interview process to make better hiring decisions.
  • Make an impact during the critical first 90 days to improve employee engagement.
  • Understand your own workforce capabilities and employer offering to retain your talent for the long-term.
  • Plan and create a sustainable business for the long-term.

Topics we’ll cover

Take control and change the talent management and recruitment landscape through 12 modules dedicated to each stage of your recruitment and talent management framework.

Module 1: Understanding the attraction and recruitment framework

Create optimal recruitment and talent strategies.

Module 2: Workforce planning

Create a workforce that delivers extraordinary results.

Module 3: Communicating your employer brand

Enhance your ability to attract high-quality executive talent.

Module 4: Articulate your business culture

Develop an identity that gives you a competitive edge.

Module 5: Confirm the recruitment strategy

Deliver optimal results and find your new executive talent.

Module 6: Create a job description

Attract the right leader for the right executive job. 

Module 7: Develop attraction strategies

Win the war on talent in the competitive candidate market.

Module 8: Schedule the interviews and assessments

Make the right decision in your selection.

Module 9: Contract of employment

Offer an attractive salary package that a candidate cannot refuse and solidify your employer and employee relationship.

Module 10: Onboarding

Create a comprehensive and successful transition into your company.

Module 11: Creating a competitive workforce

Accelerate your growth and deliver extraordinary results.

Module 12: Communication to engage with your market

Attract high-quality talent and high value customers.

What’s included

Step-by-step guidance to talent management

Twelve comprehensive modules providing a step-by-step guide to attracting, hiring, and retaining good staff to build high-performing teams.

Videos on-demand

24/7 access to 75+ easy to watch 3-15-minute videos with instructions and tutorials to help you implement strategies immediately for rapid results. Available on-demand so you can learn at your convenience, whenever and wherever that suits you. 

Lifetime subscription

Access all content and bonus material for a lifetime.

Downloadable workbooks

Use as a guide during and after the course

Multiple templates including:

  • Employer assessment framework template
  • Job description template
  • Job advert template
  • Key selection criteria checklist
  • Employer brand template
  • Questions to determine your employer brand
  • Employer value proposition template
  • Behavioral interview questions to prepare you for the interview process
  • Reference check template
  • Checklist of skills that make your business competitive

How to enrol

Employer Talent Management Online Course is available only to our Exclusive Membership community. To access the course, simply register for one of our Exclusive Membership subscriptions today.

Our exclusive membership packages also include: 

  • Access to our Executive Career Guidance Online Course. 
  • Access to our Rapid Leadership Transformation Online Course.
  • Access to multiple resources, videos, tools and checklists to support your journey.
  • Unlimited phone and email access to our experts.
  • And, so much more!