High-quality talent is valuable and scarce.

Recognising, capturing, and retaining executive talent is essential for outstanding business performance. We understand this. Access our global network of extraordinary executive healthcare and life sciences talent to recruit your future leaders, coach and mentor your existing leaders, and futureproof your business through specialised strategic advisory.

We attract, recruit, and retain senior and executive leaders into your business to drive your growth and inspire your people.

Our services include:

Executive Search and Recruitment

Hire the right leader into the right executive job to lead your business to extraordinary success. We work on exclusively retained executive search assignments including board, c-suite, director, senior management, non-executive, strategic and business critical roles globally.

Executive and Board Director Coaching

A comprehensive and tailored executive coaching program designed to help your senior leaders and executives develop a global mindset, become comfortable with the uncomfortable, enhance their visibility, and create the extraordinary possibilities that will ultimately accelerate your business performance.

HR Advisory & Consulting

Comprehensive consultation and guidance to transform your business from good to extraordinary through the development of effective human resource strategies to optimise your workforce, improve your talent management framework, and enhance your employer proposition whilst continuing to accelerate your business performance.

Outplacement Consulting

Supporting your business and employees during your critical transition period. Providing comprehensive outplacement support services to facilitate the change in your business, elevate the engagement of your remaining employees, and improve the career opportunities of those that are outplaced.



Executive Leadership Transformation Scorecard

Most leaders are good leaders but not every leader is extraordinary. Good leaders perform well, deliver results, and create high performing teams. Extraordinary leaders transform people, performance and their industry. 

Do you know if you are regarded as good or extraordinary?

Discover your score as an executive leader and understand what you need to do to transform from good to extraordinary.

Executive Search and Recruitment

As a business your competitive advantage is your employees, specifically your leaders. The people you have chosen to employ have given you the success you are experiencing today, and it will be the people you choose to hire and retain in the future that will accelerate that success. We understand the importance of the attraction, recruitment, and retention process of your employees. To recruit well is time consuming, often when under pressure, and diverts senior staff from their critical duties. Working with an executive search firm is an investment for your business. With our help you can build your executive talent to strengthen your workforce and accelerate your competitive advantage.

Executive and Board Director Coaching Program

Our executive and board director coaching program is designed to take you and your business leaders on a specific journey to help you challenge your business strategy and leadership hypothesis, become comfortable with the uncomfortable, think global, and challenge your past assumptions. Our outcomes are measurable by the opportunities that we will create together, for you and your business.

Digital Health Leadership

In partnership with Reformulate Health we are training a new-generation of digital-first life sciences’ industry leaders. Our world-first digital health leadership program is preparing pharma, biotech, & medtech leaders and entrepreneurs to lead the transformation of the life sciences industry. Our Digital Health Leadership Program aims to bridge this gap by enabling life science leaders, medtech, digital health companies, and investors to identify digital health revenue growth opportunities, and put in place the people, culture, strategy and capabilities that effectively manage innovation risk and accelerate the go-to-market timelines for a validated scalable solution.

Advisory and Consulting

As your business pivots and scales your commercial, operational, financial, and human resource needs change. The advice, support, and guidance you choose to develop and implement your strategies are critical to the success of your business. With our help you can strengthen your transformation and growth through a selection of highly credible strategic advisors specialising specifically in your area of need.

Outplacement Consulting and Coaching

Understanding that a significant business transition and strategic pivot is sometimes needed to help a business survive and then thrive. Our services fully support every person involved from employer, remaining employee and outplaced employee. From initial highly confidential discussions, to activating the solutions, we can reduce executive time commitment and expense, whilst adding positively to the business brand during a difficult time.


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