Onboarding and Transition Coaching

Through our Executive Onboarding and Transition Coaching we support both leaders and organizations to facilitate a successful transition into their new leadership position, creating asymmetrical outcomes for both parties.

“Performing well in your role starts from the foundations of the onboarding. Using the onboarding and first 90 days to accelerate results facilitates your success. Your career is built by succeeding in each job.” – Vanessa Meikle

coaching specifically for successful onboarding

Our exclusive and highly specialized executive onboarding and transition coaching includes 4 comprehensive 60 minute private coaching sessions with our accredited executive coaching expert. Each week is designed to take you on a specific journey that will help you to transition successfully into your new role, preparing you for all eventualities and most importantly to make an impact in your first 90 days, making a positive impact on people and the business.

Adaptability quotient (AQ) assessment

As part of the onboarding coaching process we include a complimentary Adaptability Quotient (AQ) assessment. This assessment helps us take a deeper dive into the abilities, characteristics and environmental factors that impact the successful behaviours and actions of people and organizations and helps you to improve how you, as a leader, respond to uncertainty, new information, or changed circumstances. This is particularly important when you are transitioning into a new role and/or in a new organization.

Onboarding and the need for successful transition is not just about a new leader in a new organization. It also applies for employees identified for succession planning pathways and those on talent development plans for promotions in their local, regional, or global offices. Each opportunity requires the transition period and for the employee to be effective and impactful as quickly as possible. Our coaching program provides the support and personalized guidance for employees and organizations.

Successfully transitioning through onboarding and beyond

A well-executed onboarding process strengthens the employer and employee relationship; accelerates results being delivered; and confirms the right hiring decision was made. A badly executed onboarding process creates immediate disengagement and increases the chance of staff turnover. Onboarding at the executive level is different to onboarding non-executive level employees. The impact of an executive has a greater significance on employee morale and the execution of the company strategy.

The onboarding period is a key stage in employer and employee relationship. How you make an impression, build relationships, effectively do your job, execute, and deliver on outcomes.

Our Onboarding and Transition Expert

Josianne Robb
Transformation Coach | Entrepreneur | NED & Advisory | IBA Elite Women 2021

Josianne Robb is a senior executive leader with a 30 year international career leading global technical and commercial teams towards design, development, commercialization and adoption of digital solutions. With unique leadership and corporate experience encompassing leadership development, business development, business partnering, transformation and change in Europe and Asia, across several industries, Josianne has both breadth and depth of executive experience to coach leaders to deliver immediate results. Josianne is an experienced board director, c-suite executive, NLP master practitioner, executive coach, and entrepreneur. She has extensive global experience transforming people, perspective, and performance by helping people and businesses adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing environment. Josianne is a trusted unconventional adviser and coach who challenges the status quo and builds deep connections with others while providing practical and meaningful advice and support. A natural ability to energize, mobilize and empower high performers.

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