Global Executive Search and Recruitment

Through our bespoke and precise executive search and selection process we engage and retain the highest quality senior and executive talent to lead your organisation to extraordinary success. We work on exclusively retained executive search assignments with life sciences and healthcare organisations globally.

Retained executive search of senior management, director, executive, c-suite, and board positions within life sciences and healthcare, globally.

In-depth project briefing

The project briefing is an opportunity for us to investigate your executive vacancy. We meet with you regularly to get to know you, your business, people, and brand. We discuss the job description and key selection criteria that complements your strategic plan and acts as our foundations for the sourcing and selection process.

source and selection process

This is a meticulous process involving mapping, sourcing, and qualifying potential candidates. We source external talent to your business mapping the market based on your criteria. To assess all applicant’s suitability further assessments, background checks, and interviews are conducted by Hunton Executive.

interviewing an decision making

The interview stages are critical to your decision making. You will interview your selected candidates and involve key decision makers across your business. When you have all the information from the assessments, interviews, and background checks you will be able to make your final decision and construct an attractive offer to your new employee.

onboarding and transition

We will help you prepare for the successful transition of your promoted employee or of your new employee through our personalized and highly specialized onboarding and transition coaching. We support the employee and employer relationship to allow for a smooth and successful transition.

"Our focus is to attract, recruit, and retain only the highest quality executive talent into your business to inspire your people, strengthen your business performance, and accelerate your growth". - Vanessa Meikle


Our team has extensive experience in executive search consulting and recruitment within life sciences and healthcare globally. Every day, we assess high-quality leaders with proven success. With direct experience in executive leadership positions ourselves we have personal insight into how leadership can define the success of a business. We understand what it takes to be a great leader.


We are a bespoke service focused on quality, which means we spend the time upfront to get to know you as a person and your organization entirely, gathering valuable insights to optimally represent you in the market. We focus on being precise and delivering you an effective outcome for your people and your business.


It takes meticulous methodology to attract and assess extraordinary leaders that are right for your business and the extraordinary businesses that are right for people's career. Our results and the way in which we deliver them is how we build our business. We are only as good as the service we deliver, the leaders we attract and retain, and the organizations we partner with. We understand this and do not take it for granted.


Our network of specialized and experienced executive talent is diverse and global. Our network of life science and healthcare organizations is local, global and growing. The personal experience with us gives people and our business partners the confidence to refer us to other credible leaders eager to further their career and business performance.


Through our Executive Onboarding and Transition Coaching we support both leaders and organizations to facilitate a successful transition into their new leadership position, creating asymmetrical outcomes for yourself and the organization. Our coaching gives you the opportunity to have personalised support through structured conversations, in a confidential and safe environment, on your terms. This is an exclusive service through Hunton Executive offered to those leaders that have successfully found a new position with one of our organizational partners, through our executive search and recruitment services.

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