Leadership Development Coaching

Understanding that your executive career is a significant part of your life, our coaching gives you the opportunity to have personalised support and practical guidance in a confidential and safe environment so you can reach your career goals faster. Our coaching is for emerging and seasoned leaders who are serious about their careers. We offer multiple coaching programs to support and guide you in your specific circumstances, helping you to create a sustainable and successful career.


Transforming perspective to performance.

change leadership and change agent coaching program

A coaching programme aimed at supporting emerging and seasoned leaders called upon to act as change agents in their organization – as a leader, as a head of digital transformation, as a programme manager or director. This programme helps you to navigate through the ambiguity and uncertainty of change and lead teams successfully.

EMERGING Leadership development coaching program

Intensive coaching program for emerging leaders who want to learn how to navigate the world of leadership in the digital age and to be effective across multiple regions, taking cultural differences and travel restrictions into account. Our programme is entirely personalised, starting where you are and tailored to your needs and goals.


Our monthly dedicated mentorship is designed for ambitious and proactive emerging and seasoned leaders looking for support and guidance to transform their performance and accelerate their careers. Helping you to navigate your thoughts, uncover your challenges, and create strategies that will overcome obstacles to unearth new possibilities.

Specialized comprehensive coaching programs designed to help emerging and seasoned senior leaders adapt and thrive in a complex and rapidly changing environment. Guiding and supporting you to help you realize your potential as an extraordinary leader, improving your AQ (adaptability quota) and becoming a highly effective change agent.

The right coach is your partner, challenger, teacher, and supporter. Together, we build clarity about your goals and create a vision for your future.

Bridging the gap between capability and performance

Dedicated coaching for emerging and seasoned leaders looking for support, guidance, and a judgement free sounding board to help them accelerate their personal and business performance. Our coaching gives you the opportunity to have personalised support through structured conversations, in a confidential and safe environment, on your terms.

Our leadership coaching is designed to help senior leaders and executives accelerate their career by identifying development gaps and strengthening core capabilities for their next role accelerating their performance and consequently their career trajectory.

Our Career and Leadership Experts

Josianne Robb
Executive Career Coach | Change Agent | Global Adaptability Coach | Entrepreneur | NED & Advisory | IBA Elite Women 2021

Josianne Robb is a senior executive leader with a 30 year international career leading global technical and commercial teams towards design, development, commercialization and adoption of digital solutions. With unique leadership and corporate experience encompassing leadership development, business development, business partnering, transformation and change in Europe and Asia, across several industries, Josianne has both breadth and depth of executive experience to coach leaders to deliver immediate results. Josianne is an experienced board director, c-suite executive, NLP master practitioner, executive coach, and entrepreneur. She has extensive global experience transforming people, perspective, and performance by helping people and businesses adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing environment. Josianne is a trusted unconventional adviser and coach who challenges the status quo and builds deep connections with others while providing practical and meaningful advice and support. A natural ability to energize, mobilize and empower high performers.

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