Our partners

Through our work with the global life science and healthcare senior and executive workforce we are regularly asked for recommendations and advice on experts and thought leaders. 

As leaders transform and organizations pivot or scale there can be a need for specialized consulting services to support their journey. 

To effectively support our customers we partner with a portfolio of industry thought leaders. specialized consultants, and subject matter experts to deliver asymmetrical outcomes.

Meet our partners

Our approved specialized consulting experts that support the commercial growth of healthcare and life sciences organizations globally.

Digital Health Strategic Advisory

Specialization in Data and Digital Technology, New Business Models, Strategic Advisory, Strategic Commercial, Innovation and Investment Advisory.

Asia, Europe, Oceania, and USA

Global life sciences and healthcare advisory firm focused on strategic commercial, innovation and investment services.

Dr Ramin Rafiei

CEO, Reformulate Health

Strategy, Innovation, Commercialization

Specialization in Strategy, Innovation, Business Development, and Commercialization for Healthcare Technology and Digital Health Products.

Asia and Oceania

Provide a wide range of services in the Healthcare Innovation sector, helping our clients with the full life cycle of product development from conception through to growth.

Adam Wardell

CEO, Previsior

Commercial Strategic Advisory

Specialization in Organizational Culture Transformation, P&L Optimization, Sales and Marketing Strategy Development, Omnichannel Execution.

Australia and New Zealand

Rock8 Science is a bespoke management consulting company for the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry bringing over 150yrs of combined, deep industry experience to help you solve some of the most complex issues of your organization. Our specific expertise is in commercial business transformation, optimizing overall performance.

Charles Heeley

CEO, Rock8 Science

External Affairs and Public Policy

Specialization in External Affairs, HTA Consulting, Health Policy Shaping, Precision Medicine.

Asia, Japan, Europe, Oceania, and USA

Helping health innovators overcome the policy and process barriers that come with introducing new solutions to market.

When you partner with Confluence Health Consulting, you benefit from an international network of consultants, each with specialized experience, knowledge, and connections to give you confidence of the best chance of success.

Director, Confluence Health Consulting

Market Access and Development

Specialization in Market Access, Policy, Health Economics, Reimbursement, New Product Launch Planning, Evidence Generation, Value Capture, Launch Excellence.

Asia, Europe, and Oceania

EVA Healthcare provides commercialization advisory
to health technology companies with a focus on new product launch planning, evidence generation, market access, value capture and launch excellence.

Managing Director, EVA Healthcare

Human Resources

Specialization in Human Resource Strategy, Compliance, and Support.


Norgay HR is an outsource partner for HR management and business success focused on people management, compliance, and HR paperwork for Australian SMEs

Clare Long

CEO, Norgay HR Consulting

Content Writer and Editor

Specialization in content writing, thought leadership strategy and content, editing.


Provide a range of writing and editing services, including news and feature writing, blogs, social media posts, articles, newsletters, presentations and internal communications materials. Specializing in taking complex, technical information and making it clear, readable and engaging.

Alexandra Vanags

Director, Alex Vanags

Professional Development Partners

Partnering with organisations that support the educational and development of emerging and seasoned leaders.

Growth Faculty brings together the people, the thinking, the tools, and the sharing of ideas to grow teams and businesses. It is a place to access brilliant ideas for inspired leadership through regular learning webinars and events. Through Growth faculty you get access to the world’s brightest minds, business-critical topics, and proven frameworks, equipping leaders with the mindset and skillset for now and the future of work.

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Growth Faculty

A year of virtual global events, masterclasses, book club events and on-demand learning

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