Leadership Development Online Course

An online course created for emerging and seasoned leaders within matrix life science organizations that focuses on the fundamentals of leadership to help you achieve rapid transformation. Utilizing the extensive leadership experience of a multinational general manager who has learnt from their mistakes, completed multiple high level leadership qualifications, and has developed a successful and sustainable leadership career, to help other leaders improve their leadership capabilities so they, themselves, can become an extraordinary leader.

Leadership For Rapid Transformation In Matrix Organizations

Effective rapid transformation

Learn about the key leadership principles for effective rapid transformation, increasing the performance and productivity of yourself and your team and transforming the way you lead in highly matrix organizations.

From experimentation to execution

Nine comprehensive modules providing a step-by-step guide with real life examples to help you understand, experiment, apply, and execute in real time, giving you the experience and confidence to continuously deliver.

On demand video modules

Cherry pick the modules that you need right now or take the whole course and open up a whole new world in leadership performance. 24 hour access for on demand learning to suit your lifestyle and schedule.

Continuous leadership development

Life long access to the comprehensive video modules to refer to as you develop your leadership skills. You can access the course to refine, refresh, and relearn the critical aspects of leadership.

9 modules to transform your leadership from good to extraordinary

Module 1: Lessons learned from Australian fighter pilots for flawless execution. Fighter pilots need to execute flawlessly or they may not make it home for dinner that night. Learn 2 simple things that they do to make sure that individually and as a team they perform at their best!

Module 2: Understanding group dynamics and anxiety. Learn how to identify and interpret what is really going on in your team so that you can bring the unconscious to the surface and address any issues quickly and effectively. This is critical for rapid transformation.

Module 3: Beware the three leadership traps. In this module you will learn the 3 common Leadership traps and how to avoid them. Even the most experienced leaders fall victim to these traps so it's really important to understand them and keep them top of mind so that you avoid making them yourself!

Module 4: Building emotional capital. Learn how to build emotional capital for rapid transformation by addressing the collective emotions of the team through right and left brain stimulation as well as showing vulnerability.

Module 5: Building trust, fast. Learn how to build trust super fast using the 3 function trust equation! Building high-trust environments, quickly to accelerate performance.

Module 6: Fair process leadership. Learn the difference between 'fair process' and 'fair outcome' so you don't make the same mistake that many leaders do!

Module 7: Being the north star and not the black hole! In this module you will learn the simple and easy daily leadership behaviors that distinguish a shining star leader from a black hole leader. People gravitate towards and follow shining star leaders and this is critical for successful rapid transformation.

Module 8: The power and the politics. Power and politics don't have to be dirty words! For rapid transformation, leaders need to understand and be aware of the power and political structures and dynamics within the Organization. IQ will only get you so far and so EQ and SQ become more important for leaders in addition to understanding the way that power structure is interwoven through the core elements of the company culture.

Module 9: Communicating like a leader. IQ only gets you so far. 75% of communication is non verbal and effective leaders know how to maximize their communication. Learn how to communicate like a leader. Strong leaders have well developed and sharpened communication skills whether interacting with one individual or presenting to a large audience.

Leadership Development

Leadership isn’t a destination. It is something that you’ll have to work at continuously throughout your career, regardless of what level and status you reach in your organization.

Our online course is a cost effective solution to one on one leadership coaching or lengthy qualifications, offering you the practical insights at affordable prices, reminding you of the leadership basics for immediate results.

This online course is designed specifically for emerging and seasoned leaders within the life science industry wanting to have a disproportionate competitive advantage to help accelerate their executive career.

Execute effective leadership, quickly.

Whether you're new to a leadership role, an experienced Director or General Manager this course is designed and delivered by a global leader to provide the required skills to execute rapid transformation in your organization. Leadership doesn't have to be all or nothing. It is about developing and executing effective leadership, quickly.

No matter what level or stage of leadership you are in the fundamentals of good leadership are always important to remember, refresh, and reframe.

When was the last time you refreshed your leadership skills?

Leadership isn’t a destination. It is something that you’ll have to work at continuously throughout your career, regardless of what level and status you reach in your organization.