“Secret shopping” your own company

What would a secret shopper say about you?

You’ve probably heard of secret who go around anonymously testing out products and services.

I’ve done this job. Not to test hotels or restaurants, but as a recruiter.

A while back a client approached me and said ‘we are just not attracting or retaining the right staff, can you find out why?’

So I did. I went into the market and behaved as a potential candidate would do. I applied for jobs with the company. Googled their executives. Looked up their stance on important issues. Casually dropped them in conversations with my network.

Guess what I found out?

  • There was a perception in the marketplace that their management was weak.
  • There was no clear story in the market about their brand or what they stood for.
  • The way they communicated with candidates was not welcoming or consistent.
  • In fact, some people didn’t know them at all – which was telling in itself.

So if you’re asking yourself the same questions, why not try stepping out and trying to see things from an outside point of view?

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