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Subscription membership for life sciences and healthcare emerging and seasoned leaders looking for comprehensive practical tools, resources, and online courses to support every stage of your business, leadership, and career journey.

Exclusive subscription memberships to help you accelerate your career and business performance.

Subscription Membership

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Register to access our signature online courses, comprehensive resources including practical videos, essential templates, and insightful checklists to support every stage of your business, leadership, and career journey.

In our Exclusive Subscription Membership you will have access to everything in our Free Membership including:

  1. Career portal – for senior and executive job seekers looking to improve their job search strategies and accelerate their career.
  2. Employer portal – for hiring managers to understand and enhance their talent development and recruitment strategies.
  3. Leadership portal – for emerging and seasoned leaders to improve their leadership effectiveness.

In your membership you will have access to:

  1. Articles and blogs for deeper insights into your career and organizational success.
  2. Executive CV Guide and Template to help you stand out in your job applications.
  3. Downloadable templates and checklists to support your job search and career journey.
  4. Short information packaged videos to support your career journey.
  5. Our Health Check Questionnaire and Productivity Planner.
  6. One-minute insight blogs and industry specific news and articles to give you additional insights and what you need to know, now.


  1. Access to our Executive Career Guidance Course. 
  2. Access to our Employer Guidance Course.
  3. 30 minute one-on-one video call with one of our executive experts.
  4. Access to multiple additional resources, videos, tools and checklists to support your journey.
  5. Unlimited phone and email access to our experts.

Our exclusive membership is for those serious about transforming their executive careers and organizational performance.

  • A cost effective solution to private coaching sessions 
  • 80+ short video tutorials that are on-demand so you can access anytime, anywhere
  • Easy to watch 3-15-minute videos with instructions and tutorials to help you implement strategies immediately
  • Downloadable workbooks to use as a guide during and after the courses
  • Downloadable e-books for easy access to extensive portfolio of information
  • 12 month subscription to access all content and bonus material

Multiple free templates including:

  • CV template and covering letter template
  • 90 second elevator pitch template 
  • Step by step guide to social media template 
  • Behavioural interview questions to help you prepare for the interview process, including the STARS interview technique guide 
  • Employer assessment framework template
  • Job description template
  • Job advert template
  • Key selection criteria checklist
  • Employer brand template
  • Questions to determine your employer brand
  • Employer value proposition template
  • Behavioural interview questions to prepare you for the interview process
  • Reference check template
  • Checklist of skills that make your business competitive
  • Plus additional templates that will help you learn the techniques to implement immediately
An investment that will help you for the entirety of your career, not just your next job opportunity.

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Leadership Portal

We understand the impact an extraordinary leader has on people, performance, and profit.

To be an extraordinary leader you need to develop essential leadership and personal qualities. 

Our LEADERSHIP PORTAL has been created to help you achieve these essential leadership skills and ultimately help you be an extraordinary leader.

In our LEADERSHIP PORTAL you have access to multiple tools and checklists:  

  1. Leadership Health Checklist to assess where you are now and where you need to be.
  2. Executive career questionnaire to understand how you compare to other executives on the job market.
  3. Leadership Assessment template to deeply understand your qualities and plan how to improve them.
  4. Checklist to understand how to assess your leadership skills. 
  5. Checklists and strategies to build a high performing team that delivers exceptional results.
  6. Understanding the road map to leadership success.
  7. Know how to achieve a board level position.
  8. Checklist to improve your social and emotional intelligence.
5 interview questions to determine top performers

Career Portal​

We believe that everyone deserves to succeed in their career. To be successful you need to invest in developing your capabilities and discovering your potential.

Our comprehensive CAREER PORTAL provides you with the practical tools and resources that will help you realise your value as high-quality talent.

Our CAREER PORTAL includes:

  1. Inventory list of questions to assess your career.
  2. Personal brand brainstorming questionnaire and checklist. 
  3. 90 second elevator pitch template.
  4. Executive CV template and guide. 
  5. Covering letter template and guide. 
  6. Interview guide and checklist.
  7. Negotiating your salary checklist.
  8. Onboarding and transition checklist template.
  9. 21 steps to get a CEO job. 
  10. And so much more!

Employer Portal​

Our Employer Advice Portal gives you the practical tools and resources to improve your recruitment and talent management strategies so you can hire the right talent for the right job and enhance your business performance.

We provide you with advice and resources to help you to attract, recruit, and retain the high-quality talent you deserve including:

  1. The full talent and recruitment framework template.
  2. Reviewing your workforce planning template guide.
  3. The 7 questions to understand your business culture
  4. How to create your employer brand checklist.
  5. Your recruitment strategy and process guide. 
  6. Key selection criterion checklist.
  7. The best attraction strategies checklist. 
  8. The 10 most common interview questions you need to prepare for.
  9. What employment offers attract the high-quality talent.
  10. The 7 stages of effective onboarding
  11. Succession planning checklist.
  12. And so much more!

Senior and Executive Scorecard


Discover your leadership strength through our exclusive scorecard and understand what you need to do to transform your performance from good to extraordinary, positioning yourself for promotions, higher-level and global job opportunities that will ultimately accelerate your executive career.

Our scorecard will provide instant, actionable steps on how to improve your capabilities to unearth your executive potential and create the possibilities that will accelerate your executive career.

  • Answer 30 questions and receive customized results instantly.
  • It’s free of charge with no strings attached.
  • It will only take you 10 minutes to complete.



Specialized advice for emerging and seasoned leaders

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