The 5 most effective ways to get noticed

Executive positions rarely become available. Whether internally in your company or with alternative companies. Unlike non-executive, majority workforce positions, the volume of executive roles is less, and the accessibility is more competitive. To stand out from the competition you need to know how to get noticed.

To advance your career you need to be strategic in your approach. Getting noticed when you are succeeding in your job is just as important as getting noticed when you are actively seeking a new job.

The 5 most effective ways to get noticed:

1. Network

Networking is the most effective way to get noticed. Your networks know you, observe how you engage and communicate, and see the results you deliver.

Your networks are the greatest influence on your career. They can influence people’s perception of you through their experience with you. Recommend you to high level jobs and build your high performing team through their recommendations.

Network with a variety of people, across different industries and levels of seniority.

It is important to put the effort into networking, consistently. Build and maintain your relationships throughout your career.

2. Personal brand

Focus on your personal brand and creating a legacy to be proud of. Your personal brand is your identity and created through your actions and behaviours. If you do not know what your personal brand is, take the time to assess what it can be and create a plan to build it.

Your personal brand is what attracts people to you. An effective personal brand builds your networks and opens opportunities to get noticed.

3. Thought leadership

Being a thought leader gets you noticed for your knowledge and expertise. You will be sought after, listened to, and respected.

Thought leadership is being an authority in and expert on a specific subject. By communicating consistently your credibility and visibility multiplies.

4. Social Media activity

This is a great way to reach a vast network frequently. There are multiple social media platforms to choose from. Find the one that your audience can be found in and connect with them. Engage regularly and consistently within that platform.

By engaging on social media, you build your visibility, communicate your personal brand, and build your credibility as a thought leader.

5. LinkedIn profile

This is the number one platform for professionals. It is used by executive search firms and employers to headhunt talent.

To be noticed, you need to have a profile on LinkedIn.  To be noticed for the jobs you want, invest the time to create an impactful profile that highlights your strengths.

Taking these actions helps you stand out and get noticed. It enhances your profile encouraging further visibility across your network. It is then your choice to select either the internal progression or alternative company. Either way, you will have developed your confidence and your career.

Hunton Executive can help you accelerate your executive career.

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