Why networking is so important

Networking is both an art and a science. It is the social interaction between like-minded people, sharing information and forming relationships around a shared interest. It is an art because it encourages consultative conversations and social interactions. It is a science because of the sharing of knowledge to enhance the learning experience. 

Networking, professionally and personally, heightens your visibility as the extraordinary talent you are. It is an important skill to learn and maintain throughout your career, not just when you are looking for a job.

Why is networking important?

Communicates your personal brand

Once you know what you want your personal brand to be, networking gives you the opportunity to communicate it through your actions and behaviours. At conferences, meetings, and through social media.

Enhances your existing business relationships

It allows people to see first-hand your character and how you can deliver on what you say. By investing your time into networking and putting the effort into building professional relationships you build trust. It is this trust that enhances your existing relationships and builds your network even further.  

Creates leads for new business opportunities

The people you have built trust with and those that have experienced your personal brand will recommend you. This is not only true for your customers but also your peers, current and previous employees, or colleagues. Every network can create business leads or hinder them

Accelerate your position as a thought leader

By being present at industry events, conferences, and other networking events you have an opportunity to communicate your message, deepening the trust that others have in your expertise. This acceleration of your thought leadership can create new customers for your business and new revenue streams.

Develop your skills

By keeping on top of industry news and business trends you can learn new skills and new ways of thinking. By learning you not only grow professionally and personally. You also build respect from your networks.

Opens the doors to job opportunities

People see firsthand your expertise and trust that you can deliver. Your networks will recommend you to other leaders and employers. Those recommendations are stronger than a CV or application.

The value of your networks is priceless. It takes time and effort to build your networks. Invest the time and you will experience the rewards.

Hunton Executive can help plan and build your networks so you can develop your career and personal brand.

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