Winning the war on talent

Winning the war for talent is your ability to attract and retain the best talent. People have choices of jobs, industries, and companies. The highest quality talent has the most choices available to them and are in demand from multiple companies. This demand creates a war on talent.

To win the war on talent you need to be able to stand out, communicate your offering with authenticity and confidence, and be consistent in your culture.

How do you win the war for talent?

Defining high-quality talent

You need to be able to define what high-quality talent means for you. What skills, characteristics, personality traits, and values enhance your company? Clarifying this and understanding why these are the chosen attributes gives you the confidence to attract and retain that specific talent.

Attracting the high-quality talent

Create a compelling attraction strategy that includes reviewing and communicating your employer brand, employer value proposition, and investment into your employees’ career. Consider how you engage and communicate on your website, social media, and throughout your recruitment process. How you behave as a business, and through your leaders, will attract or deter talent.

More competition in the market

The market is competitive. Companies are actively considering their employer value proposition and employer brand to compete for the top talent. Companies have a better understanding of how to attract and retain talent more now than ever before.

The challenge of this is that you need to be acutely aware of whether you are above, inline, or below your competitors. If you are below you will find it hard to attract talent compared to your competitors.
The benefit of a competitive market is that it forces you to look at your employ-er brand and employer value proposition. This will always benefit the way you interact and engage with your employees.

Retaining high-quality talent

The war for talent does not end once you have hired them. That is just the battle. The war continues for the length of time they are employed by you. High-quality talent will be headhunted continuously. You will need to work hard to stop them from being interested in other opportunities and stay with you.

“It is the talent within your business that drives performance and results. Being able to build high performing teams, through your attraction and retention strategies, gives you the ultimate competitive advantage.”

Hunton Executive can help you win the war on talent giving you a competitive advantage in your market.

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