About Us

We understand that engaging and retaining high-quality leadership talent is essential for outstanding business performance. By creating a leadership team that enriches your workforce and enhances performance you will succeed. Our focus is to identify and attract, recruit, and retain executive talent into your business to inspire your people, strengthen your business performance, and accelerate your growth.

Executive Search and Recruitment.
Workforce Management Consulting.
Outplacement Support Services.
Executive Career Coaching.

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Our Approach

It takes meticulous methodology and scrupulous processes to attract and assess extraordinary leaders. We take pride in how we attract and assess our executive talent. We focus on being precise and delivering you an effective outcome.

Every day, we assess high-quality leaders with executive experience and proven success. We understand what it takes to be a great leader. We understand what it takes to achieve success.

We have seen the rise and fall of businesses because of the quality of the executive talent within them.

High-quality executive talent is valuable and scarce. Recognising, retaining, and capturing high-quality executive talent, is essential for outstanding performance.


Vanessa Meikle

I am a management consultant dedicated to the successes of your workforce by improving your personal and business performance. I help companies improve their performance and achieve exceptional success by finding extraordinary leaders to manage their business. I help individuals achieve their executive career goals by uncovering their potential and guiding them through the hiring process to be noticed and selected for the jobs that enhance their career.

For over 18 years in recruitment and executive search I have seen how the right leader can enhance the capabilities of people and accelerate business performance. In the 14 years of being a leader I have personally encountered how leadership directly influences the success of a business, brand, and people.

I am a personnel problem-solver, head-hunter, and confidante to the aspiring. I take pride in identifying and unearthing ability, commitment, and entrepreneurial souls. My extensive experience is spiced with a bundle of passion and tenacity. All of which drives me to help you achieve your success.