Leadership and executive search consultants for
life sciences and healthcare

Our vision is to elevate the quality of leaders within the healthcare and life sciences industries to accelerate executive careers and organizational performance.

Our story

Our story begins with your story, because we exist to make a difference in people’s lives. Our vision is to elevate the quality of leaders within the healthcare and life sciences industries to accelerate executive careers and organizational performance. But to achieve that, we realized we had to do things a little differently to other leadership and executive search consultants. We had to do more and deliver more.

So, we don’t just think from job to job or candidate to candidate – we’re big picture thinkers, just like the people we work with. That means we focus on the candidate and talent pool – not just of today but of the future. We strategically think and plan ahead. We watch the industry and how it progresses. And we analyze the political, economic and social impacts that can change how the industry works and responds.

How? We meet the right people, ask the right questions, network extensively through conferences and events, and stay informed through white papers and industry publications. We’re not on the outside looking in – we’re part of the industry ecosystem

We do all this so you don’t have to. And we do this so we can offer organizations and candidates services focused around improving the access to high-quality leadership talent. Because the best leaders lead to the best results.

How we work

Our approach to leadership and executive search consulting is simple but effective – it’s all about people.

We want to help people realize their potential, and for this potential to be unleashed and utilized in organizations. So, we are creating a pool of the top 10% high-quality talent in the healthcare and life sciences market through the combination of our executive search, coaching and membership portal.

But it takes meticulous methodology and scrupulous processes to attract and assess extraordinary leaders. We focus on being personal, precise and delivering you an effective outcome.

We also take it one step further, nurturing leaders focused on improvement and driving success. In our membership, we have exclusive candidates that have completed the program and been assessed. Those that need more help to uncover their potential have coaching and online courses to help them.

It is a win-win for clients and candidates. And no other leadership and executive search consultants have a full-service offering like it.

Our values

We’re committed to offering value through education

We’re generous with our time, knowledge, and insight to help others transform their perspective and performance.

We facilitate meaningful connections

We build broad and deep relationships, connecting with leaders across the healthcare ecosystem, globally.

We’re committed to doing the right thing

We have the courage to do things differently, changing the perception of excellence in the industry.

Our team

We are a team of experienced executive search and recruitment specialists, human resource consultants, executive and career coaches, offering deep technical and commercial expertise across the wider healthcare ecosystem.

With our deep industry experience, broad and diverse networks, and global reach we are experts in the search, selection, development, and retention of the senior and executive workforce in the life sciences and healthcare industries.

Our executive search consulting and leadership coaching team is growing. We are currently based in Sydney, but we service clients globally, helped by our executive coach based in Hong Kong.

“Inspirational, Passionate, Driven and Enthusiastic. Just some of the words I would use to sum up my experience with the Hunton Executive Team. Working with Vanessa Meikle and her team has been a truly positive experience.”

Executive Director, Australia


Vanessa Meikle

Every day I identify, transform, and connect extraordinary senior and executive talent to global job opportunities within life science and healthcare, accelerating executive careers and organizational performance. I proudly have a relentless commitment to deliver the best outcomes for leaders and organizations.

I have dedicated my career to the success of the workforce and have enjoyed over 2 decades attracting, recruiting, and retaining talent for start-up and scale-up companies, small to medium enterprises, through to multinational organizations within the healthcare, digital health, medical technology, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries.

For over 20 years, I have been partnering with employers, executives, and professionals. I have coached people throughout their careers, helping them to unearth their potential and get access to the jobs that have advanced their executive careers. I have consulted with organizations as they pivot and scale, helping them to attract, recruit, and retain the high-quality leadership talent that have accelerated their organizational performance and competitive advantage.

I am a personnel problem-solver, head-hunter, and confidante to the aspiring. I take pride in identifying and unearthing ability, commitment, and entrepreneurial souls. And I’m known for generously giving advice and connecting candidates with organizations, even when they’re not clients. Because I believe that when you do the right thing, the return will come.

My extensive qualifications in psychology, organizational coaching, and professional career coaching give me the foundations to unearth the potential in people and leadership performance. And it’s all backed up by a bundle of passion and tenacity. I love to help, and won’t stop until the job is done.