About Us

Recognising, capturing, and retaining high-quality leadership talent is essential for outstanding business performance.  As such, our focus is to attract, recruit, develop, and retain only the highest quality leadership talent into your organization to inspire your people, strengthen your business performance, and accelerate your growth.

We partner with biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medtech, healthcare, and digital health leaders and organizations in Asia Pacific, Middle East, North America, and Europe.

With our deep industry and executive experience, extensive networks, and global reach we are experts in the search, selection, development, and retention of the senior and executive workforce in the life sciences and healthcare industries.

We are relentless in our commitment to deliver the best outcomes for leaders and organizations.

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Our Approach

It takes meticulous methodology and scrupulous processes to attract and assess extraordinary leaders. We take pride in how we attract, assess, and coach our senior and executive talent. We focus on being personal, precise and delivering you an effective outcome.

Every day we support and partner with high-quality leaders. We understand what it takes to be a great leader. We understand what it takes to achieve success.

Through our full service offerings we connect extraordinary leadership talent with life science and healthcare opportunities globally.

"We have seen the rise and fall of businesses because of the quality of the executive talent within them. High-quality senior and executive talent is valuable and scarce. Recognizing, retaining, and capturing high-quality leadership talent, is essential for outstanding performance." - Vanessa Meikle

Transforming people into extraordinary leaders to accelerate careers and organizational performance.


We continuously build a community of global leadership talent. Supporting, coaching, and mentoring emerging and seasoned leaders to transform their career and business performance.

Our community gives us a unique opportunity to have the reach and the relationships to source and identify the right talent with the right opportunity.


There are many facets to hiring high-quality leadership talent. To hire the best you need to understand yourself, your market, and your organization deeply.

We partner with people and organizations to source, select, and hire the right leadership talent to inspire your people, strengthen your business performance, and accelerate your growth.


To achieve strong career and business performance takes effort and continuous learning. We offer personalized coaching programs, mentorship, online courses, and augmented strategic advisory to help people unearth their potential and be the leader they aspire to be.

We support your existing and future leaders transforming perspective to performance.


Growth and success are intertwined with retaining talent. The first 12 months are critical in the employer and employee relationship. We accelerate the success of the transition period with personalized executive onboarding coaching.

Our partnership does not end here. We support leaders and organizations throughout all stages of their development.

Bridging the gap between capability and performance to accelerate the opportunities in your career and business.


Vanessa Meikle

Every day I identify, transform, and connect extraordinary senior and executive talent to global job opportunities within life science and healthcare, accelerating executive careers and organizational performance. 

I have dedicated my career to the success of the workforce and have enjoyed over 20 years attracting, recruiting, and retaining talent for start-up and scale-up companies, small to medium enterprises, through to multinational organizations within the healthcare, digital health, medical technology, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries.

For over 20 years I have been partnering with employers, executives, and professionals. I have coached people throughout their careers, helping them to unearth their potential and get access to the jobs that have advanced their executive careers. I have consulted with organizations as they pivot and scale, helping them to attract, recruit, and retain the high-quality leadership talent that have accelerated their organizational performance and competitive advantage.

I am a personnel problem-solver, head-hunter, and confidante to the aspiring. I take pride in identifying and unearthing ability, commitment, and entrepreneurial souls.

My extensive qualifications in psychology, organisational coaching, and professional career coaching give me the foundations to unearth the potential in people and leadership performance. My extensive experience is spiced with a bundle of passion and tenacity. All of which drives me to help create a world of extraordinary leaders.  

Our Capability Partners

Hunton Executive is an executive search and organizational consulting firm dedicated to the success of the global life science and healthcare senior and executive workforce.  To achieve this success we partner with a portfolio of industry thought leaders and subject matter experts to deliver the asymmetrical outcomes you aspire to achieve.