About Us

Hunton Executive is a management consulting and executive recruitment firm dedicated to the success of the global life science and healthcare workforce.

We invest our resources into employers and employees. For over 18 years we have coached, consulted, and supported both employers and employees within life sciences and healthcare to accelerate their business performance and personal careers. 

By guiding and supporting executives to achieve their career goal, employers have a greater range of high-quality executive talent to choose from. By guiding and supporting businesses to effectively attract, recruit, and retain high-quality executive talent, people have a greater range of career defining job opportunities to accelerate their executive career.

Through our extensive networks and full service offerings we connect extraordinary life science and healthcare talent globally.

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Our Approach

It takes meticulous methodology and scrupulous processes to attract and assess extraordinary leaders. We take pride in how we attract and assess our executive talent. We focus on being precise and delivering you an effective outcome.

Every day, we assess high-quality leaders with executive experience and proven success. We understand what it takes to be a great leader. We understand what it takes to achieve success.

We have seen the rise and fall of businesses because of the quality of the executive talent within them.

High-quality executive talent is valuable and scarce. Recognising, retaining, and capturing high-quality executive talent, is essential for outstanding performance.


Vanessa Meikle

I am Vanessa Meikle, and I am the founder of Hunton Executive. I have dedicated my career to the success of the workforce and have enjoyed over 18 years attracting, recruiting, and retaining talent for the healthcare and life science industries.

For over 18 years I have been partnering with employers, executives, and professionals. I have coached people throughout their careers, helping them to unearth their potential and get access to the jobs that have advanced their executive careers. I have consulted with businesses as they pivot and grow, helping them to attract, recruit, and retain the talent that has accelerated their performance.

I am a personnel problem-solver, head-hunter, and confidante to the aspiring. I take pride in identifying and unearthing ability, commitment, and entrepreneurial souls. My extensive experience is spiced with a bundle of passion and tenacity.