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We understand what it takes to be one of the top executive search firms for life sciences and healthcare

We don’t just hire people; we work with organizations and candidates for their long-term success and growth. Because when you work with one of the top executive search firms for life sciences and healthcare, you should expect more.

Your future success, found

Quality leadership has the power to transform an organization. That’s why we’re dedicated to building your future success by using our years of experience and expertise to find exactly the right leaders who accelerate growth.

We focus on permanent and interim executive search for senior leadership and executive positions including board, c-suite, director, department heads, senior management, and middle management positions as well as business-critical individual contributor roles domestically and internationally.

We know what it takes to achieve results – and we don’t stop until we’ve achieved them. We understand the big picture, keep our finger on the pulse, are relentless in our pursuit of uncovering and connecting with talent, and nurture leaders to be their best possible selves. Because real results aren’t just about a one-off job search or hire – real results come from unlocking potential.



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retention of placed senior and executive leaders after 24 months


of executives and assignments come from our broad and deep referral network


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Helping leaders and organisations grow



Finding the right leader starts with understanding. We get to know your organization and needs and use our insights and extensive networks to attract the high-quality talent you want.


We rigorously and meticulously assess and qualify all potential talent and work with organizations throughout the process to ensure the best candidate is selected.


Our work goes beyond the attraction and selection process. We have the support systems in place to ensure leaders transition to their new role successfully and make an impact from the very start.


We’re your partners in growth and success. Our full-service offering extends to ongoing personal coaching and organisational consulting to drive outstanding performance.

“Many executive search firms approach things transactionally. You are simply a solution to a client’s problem. Hunton Executive sees the situation from your perspective and approaches the challenge with empathy and humanity. Her success metric is helping people to be their best and live into their potential.”

Senior Vice President, JPAC

Uncovering high-quality talent

Because people are at the heart of everything we do, we are meticulous in our process of sourcing and assessing talent. We’re constantly meeting candidates, spending the time to know everything about them, not just what they want assessors to see. We understand their motivators, character, and personal situation as much as their professional experiences and skills. We identify who the highest-quality talent is and consistently build our talent pools.

Our commitment to recruitment is ongoing, not just a once off when a role is available. That means we have a stream of available, pre-qualified talent, ready to go. We understand who and where the talent is and what is happening in the industry. And we’ve done the hard work to ensure they’re the right fit.

And for those occasional times that we might not have the right pick ready to go, don’t worry – we’ll find them. Our extensive networks means we know who to approach or where to go to get access to the best talent.

Unlocking potential

Our business is built on trust. And it’s a trust we have earned. We attract the very best candidates because we have the connections and the reputation to connect leaders with opportunities globally. But more than that – we care.

Our candidates trust that we will help make choices not because of money, but because they are right for them and the organization. And with a deep relationship built on trust, we can also better prepare candidates, unearthing their potential and improving their confidence, self esteem and self awareness. It’s about empowering them with the tools to be able to get access to the career defining jobs.

Because we don’t just help candidates find a job – we help people with their executive career journey. Whether it’s through onboarding support or our ongoing coaching and membership, we build relationships that accelerate careers and deliver extraordinary results.

Partners in performance

Hiring your future leader has a significant impact on your business and we understand both the importance of the decision and the investment you are committing to. That’s why we approach our executive search services holistically.

We work collaboratively with our clients to optimize commercial results. We don’t work on the periphery or from the outside looking in – we’ve embedded ourselves in the industry and have a global network of contacts, as well as access to trusted partners to complement our team and provide a strong source of insight, knowledge, and broader connections.

And because we’re part of the ecosystem, we are broad in our understanding, we ask the right questions, offer unique insights and solutions in niche and new markets. We provide feedback about the market and industry to help organizations understand how it will impact their business and the person they hire. We help provoke deep thought to help clients make the right decisions, even if it means changing the role.

And above all else, we are honest. Because smoke and mirrors might look good, but they don’t deliver results. As a stand-out performer amongst top executive search firms, we strive to ensure you feel confident that your needs are being met, your reputation is protected, and your business objectives are on track.


"Our focus is to attract, recruit, and retain only the highest quality executive talent into your business to inspire your people, strengthen your business performance, and accelerate your growth". - Vanessa Meikle

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