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Outplacement consultant for times of transition

Take care of your staff through times of change with an outplacement consultant skilled in supporting continuing and outgoing employees to advance their career.

Transition with confidence

Tough decisions need to be made when planning your workforce – especially when you’re scaling your business to prepare for the future. We understand the enormous challenge scaling your business brings and how this changes the lives of your employees.

Let us support your business and employees during your transition period with our outplacement consultant services. We’ll help you accelerate your business performance, elevate the engagement of your remaining employees, and improve the career opportunities of those that are outplaced.

Complement and enhance your workforce during critical times

Restructuring your business and making staff redundant is difficult for everyone, including outgoing employees as well as the remaining employees. That’s why we offer personalised support to your outplaced executive employees, giving them the tools and resources to successfully find new employment. Because we believe every business should always offer exceptional service to their employees, including their outgoing employees. And remaining staff should feel confident that their employer cares about people.

Here’s how we can help.


Supporting your outplaced employees through change

The outplacement process is emotional journey for those that have been outplaced. We provide regular, personalised, and confidential support throughout the difficult transition period, guiding them to achieve their future career goals.

Career guidance

We offer personal guidance that will help your outplaced employees refocus their future and prepare for a new job. The guidance provides them with an updated knowledge of the job market, the skills and capabilities that are required to be competitive in the market, and how to transition optimally.

Practical assistance

We will provide instructional advice to outplaced employees with practical assistance to make theory a reality. This gives them the confidence, tools, and resources to get noticed in the competitive job market.

How using an outplacement consultant works

Over an intensive three-month period, we’ll support and guide each outplaced employee.

1. Consultation
We meet with each outplaced employee to understand their unique situation and their aspirations. In this consultation we discuss the plan to guide them to their new employment, providing them with a clear roadmap. We will spend the time to understand their motivations, skills, and character to provide the most effective career guidance.

2. Personalised coaching sessions
We deliver personalised coaching sessions tailored to each individual outplaced employee. Over five private coaching sessions, we support their journey to future employment, including career planning, getting their application ready, creating a job search strategy, preparing for any interview eventuality, and transitioning them successfully into their new role.

3. Personal assessment and career guidance
We offer an online career guidance course for all outplaced employees, giving them the practical tools and resources to be competitive, get noticed, and succeed in the selection process. In conjunction with this comprehensive online course, we use weekly meetings to turn the theory into reality.

4.New job opportunities
Our outplacement service team works closely with us and other relevant recruitment partners to discuss job opportunities, the market, and alternate opportunities to help outgoing employees achieve their career goals. In our regular meetings, we will review their applications, the opportunities, and the responses they receive to guide them through the transition from outplaced to newly employed.

5. Extended mentoring and guidance
We understand that the transition from employee to outplaced and back to employee can be long and stressful. At an additional cost, we provide mentoring for a 6-to-12-month period, meeting monthly to support your outplaced employee’s future career.

The best outcomes for everyone

Engaging an outplacement consultant is an important decision and we understand you are committing to a significant investment. However, it’s an important one, as providing outplacement services has a significant impact on your existing and outplaced employees. 

With the right support and guidance outplaced employees can utilize the transition process to accelerate their career goals and enhance their candidature in the competitive market. And your remaining team can feel confident that they’re working for an organization that cares for their future and wellbeing, even in times of significant change.

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