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Expert new leader onboarding and transition coaching

Quality leadership can have an enormous positive impact on an organisation – even more so when they’re supported to thrive. Effective new leader onboarding and transition coaching is an important part of setting up a new leader, and their organisation, for success.

See results, fast

When hiring a new leader, both organisations and candidates want their transition to be quick and effective. We understand that organisations want to see their return on investment (especially if the role has been vacant for a while) and new leaders want to prove their capabilities and feel secure in their new role.

A strategic approach to new leader onboarding and transition is essential. That’s why we have developed an exclusive onboarding process where the hiring manager and candidate are involved in the coaching – so everyone wins.

Start how you intend to continue – successfully

The onboarding period is a key stage in the employer and employee relationship and typically sets the scene on how quickly and effectively the new employee will integrate to the organisation and be effective.

A well-executed onboarding process strengthens the employer and employee relationship, accelerates results being delivered, and confirms the right hiring decision was made. A badly executed onboarding process creates immediate disengagement and increases the chance of staff turnover.

And it’s particularly important for leaders to succeed during this time because they have a significant impact on employee morale and the execution of the company strategy.

A critical time to manage change

While the timelines for onboarding a new leader differ in all companies, it is commonly spread over the first 90 days. It’s in this time when most of the induction and learning, engagement, and performance start. And it sets the scene for a leader’s success in the first year.

As an employer, the first 90 days are key to ensure new recruits have been exposed to a thorough induction programme, introduced to their key stakeholders and have been given a clear understanding on the goals they are expected to achieve.

As an employee, the first 90 days is a period where you can demonstrate to your new employers whether you are able to build solid working relationships, are effective in what you do, and whether you are a culture fit and a valuable addition to the company.

That’s why effective engagement with new leaders in the first 90 days is critical to the success and retention of candidates, helping  to set them up to achieve positive outcomes and create real value.

Let us help you lead from the front foot

Through our Executive Onboarding and Transition Coaching, we support both leaders and organizations to facilitate a successful transition into new leadership, delivering outstanding results. We offer this service exclusively to those leaders that have successfully found a new position with one of our organizational partners, through our executive search and recruitment services. Our coaching gives you the opportunity to have personalised support through structured conversations, in a confidential and safe environment, on your terms.

We will help you to:

  • challenge ideas and discover new perspectives
  • be comfortable with the uncomfortable
  • develop strategies to minimise risk and maximise opportunity
  • unearth capabilities to accelerate performance
  • transition with impact creating a legacy as a leader
  • achieve your short-and-long-term objectives.
"Coaching that is designed to transform your perspective and performance to successfully transition into your new role." - Vanessa Meikle

Become the leader you want to be

We understand that, as an executive, your life, career, and business are all connected. Our personalised coaching gives you the hands-on support to see immediate results in all aspects of your life, helping you to understand your challenges and optimise your strategies to tackle any obstacles during your transition into your new role. We will help you build on your strengths and improve on areas of difficulty so you can achieve your personal and professional goals and objectives

Before we start our 4-week intensive program, we will meet with you for 30-minutes to get to know each other and to familiarize you with the onboarding program. Then, over 4 weeks, you will have 4x 60-minutes one-on-one coaching sessions with our executive coaching expert. Each week is designed to take you on a specific journey to help you transition effectively into your new role.

The process of onboarding is guided through a standard framework, as follows:

Week 1: The first 30 days

This session focuses on exploring the differences in mindset, behaviors and performance measurement between management and leadership. Understanding that a successful manager does not a successful leader make is a key aspect of the paradigm shift introduced in this session. The session also covers a debrief on the Adaptability Quotient (AQ) assessment, highlighting areas to focus on during your transition period

Week 2: Beyond the first 30 days

At this point, clients are typically firmly out of their comfort zone, as the scale of framework for effective leadership is better understood. This session is designed to gently lean into the discomfort and tackle concerns, self-doubt, and self-limiting beliefs. You will walk away from this session with a clearer idea of the type of leader you wish to be, understanding how to structure your initial 30 days to create the right first impression.

Week 3: Experimentation as a response to imposter’s syndrome

This session breaks down the different phases of self-doubt and self-limiting beliefs, exploring experimentation as a constructive, practical strategy to challenge the veracity of our thoughts.  Inspired by the agile mindset, we’ll cover the test/learn approach and how to include this to the leadership toolkit we have been building

Week 4: Maintaining the momentum – 90 days plan

This session will help you consolidate the learnings accumulated throughout the sessions and formalize these into a structured 90-day action plan which includes self-accountability checks.

Equipping you to respond to change, challenges and opportunities

Our coaching operates at the intersection of coaching, programme management, design thinking and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) to co-create a structured, highly personalised programme that meets your needs. At the heart is a holistic focus on the whole person (rather than a specific problem) through the filter of adaptability.

We adopt a weekly or fortnightly cadence to ensure you work towards a tangible result, with clarity and at pace.

From this executive onboarding coaching program, you will:

  • use the onboarding time to build your reputation in the company.
  • make an impact in your first 90 days to deliver immediate results.
  • effectively transition into the new role making a positive impact on people and the business.

What our coaching includes

  • A comprehensive and tailored intensive executive onboarding program.
  • 4 x 60-minute private one-on-one conversation-based sessions conducted remotely via video conferencing.
  • Hypothesis driven experimentation with accountability and outcomes.
  • Unlimited WhatsApp and email access to enable real-time execution of our program during your first 90 days in your new position.
  • Unconventional learning to achieve aspirational results.
  • Instilling the confidence to challenge your assumptions, leveraging your values and perspectives towards asymmetric outcomes.
  • AQ (adaptability quotient) assessment, results and recommended activities to enhance your capabilities.

Once your employment has been confirmed and we have been informed of your start date we will:

  • organize an introductory 30-minute session with our executive coach to talk you through the program and to schedule the sessions in your diary.
  • send you an AQ assessment to complete and will ask you for any other assessments or reviews you have completed in your previous position to help identify a personalised coaching plan to you.
  • meet regularly over 6 weeks to coach and guide you.
"Our outcomes are measurable by the opportunities that we will create together, for you.” - Vanessa Meikle

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