Maximising impact

Comprehensive onboarding for new leaders

The first 90 days are crucial to ensuring a leader quickly reaches full competency. A strong onboarding process will ensure you realise the full value of your executive search investment and enhance your new hire’s future impact.

Enhance your results

Onboarding involves so much more than ordering an office pass and a computer. It is a crucial step that allows you to get your new hires up to speed quickly, enabling them to start delivering results for your business, increasing the value of your investment exponentially.

Start how you intend to continue – successfully

Onboarding a new leader is a far more complex and crucial process than many people realise. A good onboarding process is a critical piece of the puzzle when hiring, developing and retaining the best leaders for your organisation.

Our leadership-specific onboarding program is run by a highly experienced organisational psychologist and is designed to fit seamlessly with our cornerstone offering in executive search, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

A critical time

The first 90 days are crucial to ensuring a leader quickly reaches full competency. To do this, employers must provide them with the right knowledge and context so they can confidently leverage their skills in their new role.

Give your leaders the best start

A thorough onboarding process should be based on organisational psychology, detailed assessments, clever use of feedback/data and clear actions.

 A dedicated onboarding process will:

  • Identify critical success factors, ensuring your new leader has clarity around what success looks like.
  • Provide a detailed debrief to the hiring manager.
  • Bring a new leader up to competency quickly.
  • Use assessment insights to leverage strengths early and avoid future performance issues.
  • Ensure the new leader feels supported and has a clear idea of their goals.
  • Assist the leader in developing key relationships within the organisation.
  • Minimise disruption to the team and the business during transition.
  • Use data to help the leader and your organisation make better people decisions.
"Coaching that is designed to transform your perspective and performance to successfully transition into your new role." - Vanessa Meikle

Our onboarding process

At Hunton Executive, our proprietary onboarding process covers key areas from the first few days through to one year and beyond.

You can download a copy of our onboarding process here.

"Our outcomes are measurable by the opportunities that we will create together, for you.” - Vanessa Meikle

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