Executive search that gets superior results

Discover how our approach to leadership executive search is different.

At Hunton Executive, we believe in a long-term, strategic approach to executive search rather than a single transaction. We gain a thorough understanding of your business before designing and executing end-to-end selection processes.

The value of experience

Hunton Executive’s senior team has decades of experience, and a track record of successful leadership executive search, connecting quality candidates with organisations. This experience spans regions including the US, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East, as well as country-specific, regional, and global leadership roles.

We use this experience to maintain a comprehensive leadership candidate pool in 15+ countries, who’ve been thoroughly vetted by us. Long before we meet with any clients, we undertake industry networking and talent mapping research. We routinely hold assessment meetings with potential candidates and offer them coaching and development opportunities to get them ready for their next role.

Our leadership
executive search process

To help you plan your executive hiring process, here’s a a more detailed outline of what you can expect when you choose Hunton Executive as your recruitment consulting firm.

1. Research

Long before we meet with any clients, we undertake talent mapping research and routinely hold assessment meetings with potential candidates. We offer them coaching and development opportunities to get them ready for their next role. We also continually network within industry and carry out sector and country-specific research.

2. Strategy

We develop a bespoke ‘go to market’ search strategy, thoroughly mapping the local and global market to identify the individuals most suitable to the vacancy. We then create an outreach plan specific to those selected in the talent mapping research.



We proactively approach the individuals identified in our ‘go to market’ strategy, preparing and continually refreshing a long list of suitably qualified potential candidates.


We review this long list reviewed and prioritise for assessment, qualifying each candidate on their motivation, capabilities and availability. This results in a shorter, more qualified list of candidates to thoroughly assess.


We conduct rigorous competency-based interviews with candidates based on the proven skills, knowledge, capabilities, and aptitudes outlined in the position specification. This includes assessing the candidates on the HE leadership competencies, based on the Saville Wave competency framework, through our independent organisational psychologist.


We present a shortlist of high-quality qualified candidates for you to interview based on  the data and insights gained from rigorous assessments.

3. Interviews and assessments

The interview stage is critical to your decision making. We organise each of the interviews, confirming the location, content and attendees. If requested, a Hunton employee will also attend these sessions and take thorough notes for review.


We provide all the information from the assessments, interviews, background, and reference checks, so you will be able to make your final decision and construct an attractive offer to your new employee.

4. Onboarding

The onboarding and first 90 days are critical in the success and retention of your employee. We can tailor our packages to include additional onboarding transition coaching sessions with our organisational psychologist using the assessment data and insights to support the transition and help you realise your ROI sooner.   


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