Recruitment for results

Discover how we’re different to other recruitment consulting firms

We’re driven to find the best candidate for the position because we understand the value the right leader can bring to your business. As one of the leading recruitment consulting firms, we take pride in how we attract and assess our executive talent because it delivers results.

The value of experience

Executive search and selection is a meticulous process involving mapping, sourcing, assessing, and qualifying potential candidates. That’s why experience matters. We source candidates based on your criteria and assess all applicants through rigorous assessments, background checks, and interviews. We support and consult throughout the assignment process to ensure the best candidate is selected. And we focus on being precise and delivering you an effective outcome for your people and your business.

But we’re not afraid to think outside the box. With our insight and knowledge based on years of experience, we know what questions to ask and we also know what kind of response we should be hearing. We go wide, headhunting and sourcing a variety of candidates. We don’t make assumptions about profiles or CV’s because we appreciate not everyone communicates their skills and character effectively. We meet people and ask questions first, then, we make data-based decisions on their fit for the role.

Stages of recruitment

The executive search recruitment process varies in the time from initial briefing to your new employee starting, but we recommend you allow at least 3 months. However, your recruitment timeline may vary depending on the clarity of what you are looking for, the confidence in how you will make your decision, and the simplicity in the stages, times, and locations for the interviews.

1. Project briefing

The project briefing is an opportunity for us to investigate your executive vacancy. We meet with you regularly to get to know you, your business, people, and brand.  We discuss the job description and key selection criteria that complements your strategic plan. This information acts as the foundations for the sourcing and selection process.

2. Source and selection process

To assess candidate suitability, we conduct assessments, background checks, and interviews with selected candidates. We provide you with a shortlist of suitably qualified candidates that meet your key criteria, are motivated to deliver results, complement your culture, and enhance your brand.


  • conduct targeted research into companies and sectors to find those with relevant skill sets and qualifications
  • source candidates and prepare a long list of suitably qualified potential candidates
  • qualify, by comparison appraisal with other candidates, internal applicants and direct applicants that have been referred to your business
  • conduct rigorous competency-based interviews with candidates based on the proven skills, knowledge, capabilities, and aptitudes outlined in the position specification
  • talk with our extensive networks to identify and qualify prospects for their reputation and capabilities
  • if requested, complete Adaptability Quotient (AQ) assessment, Hogan assessment, or any other pre-determined assessment chosen by you
  • develop a short list of candidates with the qualifications and interest in the position.

3. Client interviews and assessments

The interview stages are critical to your decision making. You will interview your selected candidates and involve key decision makers across your business. When you have all the information from the assessments, interviews, and background checks, you will be able to make your final decision and construct an attractive offer to your new employee. And we’ll be with you along the way.


  • present the most qualified candidates based on in-depth written analysis and appraisal against the project briefing specification and key selection criteria
  • manage, organise, and facilitate the agreed client interview process with your key personnel and decision makers with the selected shortlisted candidates
  • record notes on each candidate interviewed to provide detailed feedback on the candidates’ performance, suitability, and recommendations
  • carry out background checks on the selected candidates including examination of qualification certificates; verifying work rights and identification checks; and other relevant social media and character checks.

4. Onboarding

We help you prepare for the successful transition of your new employee. This starts at the negotiation of the contract and continues through to when your new employee resigns from their employment, the successful first day, and the onboarding. We engage with you and your new employee to support the relationship and allow for a smooth and successful process.

Steps to success

To help you plan your executive hiring process, here’s a a more detailed outline of what you can expect when you choose Hunton Executive as your recruitment consulting firm.

  1. Initial discussion
    We gather the basic information of what motivated you to contact us and what is the role you want us to search for. We encourage face to face meetings as it gives us an opportunity to get to know your business and culture in detail.

  2. Exchange of contracts on scope of work, fees, and costs
    After our initial briefing we will provide you with a specific service agreement outlining the scope of work, fees and costs.

  3. Assess and determine what you want to achieve and any acceptable variation parameters
    Before signing the service agreement, we encourage our clients to consider any variations and parameters. We meet to discuss these in more detail and adjust our service agreement accordingly.

  4. Detailed brief of job description and selection criteria
    We will meet regularly to understand the hiring manager, the board, executive team, and the characterization of the business. From this we will gather valuable insights into your culture to optimally represent you in the market.

  5. Construct a tailored confidential briefing document for candidates
    We create a brief using the information gathered from the company, offerings, and job description.

  6.  Map and source candidates
    We explore potential candidates, mapping the global market of passive candidates using LinkedIn and our database. We advertise to attract active candidates and meet with our networks to gather referrals and recommendations. Then we qualify internal applicants and direct applicants referred to your company, and use the key selection criteria to create a long list of candidates.

  7. Hunton interviews and assessments
    We conduct initial screening interviews with the long list of candidates sourced. From this, we create a list of potential candidates whom we conduct detailed interviews with.

  1. Verification of background checks
    We conduct thorough checks to ensure the candidates have the qualifications, experiences, and characteristics they have described.

  2. Reference checks
    We undertake 360-degree reference checks to understand the full picture from all angles.

  3. Review of initial selection
    We review the initial selection and cross check it against the key criteria. We will go through every detail and fundamentally check the cultural fit.

  4. Hunton final selection of candidates
    Well present the final selection of candidates with detailed reports and assessments.

  5. Interviews with employer
    We organise each of the interview stages, confirming the location, content, and attendees. If requested, a Hunton employee will also attend and take thorough notes for review.

  6. Final background checks and reference checks
    We will finalise any outstanding background and reference checks so our client can make informed decisions.

  7. Offer and contract management
    We communicate the offer of employment and contract to the new employee completing a smooth process on your behalf. We recommend employers have their contract and letter of offer thoroughly reviewed by their lawyers.

  8. Onboarding and the first 90 days
    The onboarding and first 90 days are critical in the success and retention of your employee.

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